Slice Machine 001 // Histibe: Future Breaks

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    Contains over 130 24 Bit Wav drum loops, 130 Rex2 Files, 130 Apple Loops and a custom Kontakt 5 interface and over 200 presets
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    Contains over 130 24 Bit Wav drum loops
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    Contains over 130 24 Bit Rex2 loops
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    Contains over 130 24 Bit Apple Loops
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  • Kontakt
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    Introducing the first sample library in our Slice Machine series, Future Breaks, which contains a vast selection of expertly produced drum loops from renowned producer Histibe, and is available to download either as raw 24 Bit Wav Loops or with a custom glitch instrument for Kontakt 5 and above.

    Slice Machine

    This sample pack is truly pioneering, and is the first Kontakt library ever built that allows you to add, move around and manipulate slice points via a custom GUI. At just a few clicks of a button you can map out sections of the drum loop to diffferent keys or midi pads, then map individual effects and processes to each slice. In no time at all, a straightforward drum beat can be turned into a complex glitched out loop pattern.

    If Kontakt is not for you, you still have the option to download a truly exceptional set of drum loops, all 100% royalty free and ready to use in any DAW, including Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools and all the rest.

    Expect more in the Slice Machine series very soon!

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