Samplephonics 808

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    Contains 4599 24 Bit 44.1khz wav samples, multiple sampler instruments and 10 presets.
  • Main Download 96khz
    Contains 4599 24 Bit 96khz wav samples, multiple sampler instruments and 10 presets.
  • Main Download 192khz
    Contains 4599 24 Bit 192khz wav samples, multiple sampler instruments and 10 presets.
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  • Overview

    This is quite simply the last collection of 808 samples you will ever own.


    Containing 4599 24 Bit Wav samples (available in 44.1khz, 96khz or 192khz sample rates), with multiple input options available (clean, direct to tape and overdriven tape) and formatted for use in Ableton, Reason, Logic Pro and Kontakt 4, and Kontakt 5, we think it's about time you ditched those regurgitated, 2nd hand lo-fi samples that have been trawling the internet for years, and inject some real analogue goodness into your music!


    Each part of the insturment was faithfully sampled over and over again to capture the true sound of the instrument. This allowed us to recreate all of the functions of the 808, as well as add extra features. Velocity mapping and layering combine to reproduce the subtleties that only a true analogue machine can create.

    The Sequencer:

    As well as sampler patches for all main DAW's, we've created a custom sequencer for Kontakt 5, which retains the true feel of the original 808, plus a few simple extra functions that make it even more intuitive and easy to use. For example, our intelligent pattern script allows you to play stored paterns on the keyboard without going out of time or losing yourplace in the beat if played legato. Once you release the keys the pattern resets and you can retrigger.

    The Recording Process:

    We spent a long time tuning and servicing this magnificent piece of hardware until it was as functional and clean as possible, before we set about the mammoth task of sampling every single feature multiple times. Initially we split the signal into 2, one going straight to digital at 192khz, and the other directly to a Studer analogue tape machine. We then sampled it all over again, this time through Chandler Germanium preamps (which allowed us to vary the input to the tape machine,) through the Studer, into a Neve desk and finally to disk. The result is 3 totally different sounding input stages that can be switched between, mixed and matched as desired.

    Download Options

    3 downloads are avaialble, we suggest that you select 44.1khz unless you usually produce in 96khz or 192khz. All downloads contain Ableton Sampler, EXS24, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt 4 and custom Kontakt 5 instruments. To use the Kontakt 5 sequencer you must own a full version of Kontakt 5. Please make sure you have updated Kontakt to the latest version before opening.

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    Please download the manual here

    4599 24 Bit Wav samples, available to download in either 44.1khz, 96khz or 192khz sample rates

    Custom sequencer for Kontakt 5

    Sampler Instruments for Ableton Live, Reason, Logic Pro and all major DAWs.

    3 input options available, including direct to disk, true analogue tape or overdriven analogue tape.

    Size: 834Mb (44.1khz) or 3.79GB (96khz)

    10 preset beats

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