Brushed Grooves

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    Contains 37 presets for Kontakt 5 and 370 24 Bit Wav Multitrack Drum Loops, 37 Individual Wav and Apple Loops as well as 29 Rex2 Files
  • 24 Bit Wav Only
    Contains 37 24 Bit Wav Loops from the Brushed Grooves Instrument
  • Rex2 Loops Only
    Contains 37 Rex 2 Files from the Brushed Grooves Instrument
  • Apple Loops Only
    Contains 37 24 Bit Apple Loops from the Brushed Grooves Instrument
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  • Kontakt
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  • Overview

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    An exquisite selection of brushed drum loops and samples to download, presented in a custom Kontakt GUI complete with full multitrack mixer, convolution reverbs and drum bus effects.

    Packed full with delicate jazz grooves, cymbal artistry, country shuffles, intricate dnb beats, straight up pop drum loops and much more. 

    Mixes can be adjusted to suit your track with the on board mixer, and tempos can be synced at the flick of a switch to give ultimate flexibility over the final sound. 

    The samples have been looped using an intelligent 12 bar system, meaning there is no cymbal wash on the first hit, but there is during the loop point, creating a flawless drum groove that can be used in a wide variety of music styles.

    Recorded by session drummer Paul Robinson, who has worked with Paul Mcartney, Nina Simone, Van Morrison and Rod Stewart to name a few, and edited and mastered here in Samplephonics' studios to ensure pristine sound quality and precision looping. 

    The sample library presented in 24 Bit wav and available as a royalty free download. Please note this requires a full copy of Kontakt 5 and will not work with the Kontakt Player. 

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  • Technical

    Format: 24 Bit Wav, Kontakt 5 (latest version.) Please note this product requires a full version of Kontakt 5 and will not work on the free player.

    Tempo: 65-300bpm

    Size: 1.22Gb

    Contains 37 Multitrack Drum Loops and Custom Kontakt 5 GUI

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